Anticipate Customer Needs

IDP delivers data-driven marketing solutions that focus on data integration, ‘invasive’ data management and deep-dive data mining. And that empower marketers to anticipate customer needs.

The intangible feeling you get when someone anticipates and provides for your needs forms the essence of customer engagement and experience thinking. Once a business forms that emotional connection with a customer, the relationship is transformed to a human-to-human relationship. By anticipating and engaging customers, marketers not only increase media views, transaction counts and basket value, but also retain loyal customers longer. Anticipating and engaging customers over the course of the relationship is a strategic priority for today’s savvy marketers. Experience thinking starts with the customer and works backward. It’s a design and development method in which customer needs are the starting point, not the underlying technology.

“Obsessing over customer experience is the only long-term defensible competitive advantage.” — Jeff Bezos

Anticipate Customer Needs — Challenges

Consumers are unforgiving of poorly targeted, one-size fits-all marketing; they expect marketers to know what customers want next. And yet, marketers fail to get the deep-dive analytics they need for targeted engagements. The roadblock isn’t statistics, but efforts spent integrating data into actionable analytical data sets –- data sets used to generate analytics.

The challenge for marketers is using data to effectively anticipate customers and create personalized customer experiences. Both the volume and velocity of data challenge marketers. Many aren’t even sure of the data they have. They don’t believe they have the data they need. And what they have, they question the quality. Or they can’t access. One of the biggest roadblocks is the maze created by data silos.

Siloed data sets prevent business leaders from gaining a complete understanding of their customers. Analytics can only be conducted within one data silo at a time, restricting the set of information that can be used…. You are not able to make the best prediction about your customers because you don’t have all the necessary information about them. — CustomerTHINK, Jan 2017

Also, in-house reporting tools can’t generate the data mining and deep-dive analytics required. And business analysts, who derive insights from data, aren’t trained to manage complex data structures or siloed data. So they create error-filled or incomplete analytics.Anticipate Customer Needs As a result, marketers fail to get the right customer insights and lose confidence in both reporting and data.

Anticipate Customer Needs — IDP

Effective use of customer data is a strategic weapon. And you rely on specific-purpose analytics for targeted campaigns. But, your data is challenging and you have limited resources.

At IDP, we’re focused on data integration, ‘invasive’ data management, and deep-dive data mining. We integrate disparate data sources. And manage large data volumes with complex structures. And build rock-solid analytical data sets.

We segment customers and transform behaviors into actionable insights, empowering marketers to target personalized engagements and rewards. And we always collaborate with marketing to generate the right analytics.

If the supporting data is rock solid, then the analytics to Anticipate Customer Needs become much, much easier!