Operational AnalyticsIDP delivers data-driven marketing solutions that automate marketing analytics through in-database processing. For example, operational analytics provide fast, consistent, repeatable results and trigger instant customer engagements.

Three things make operational analytics tough. One, you have to integrate it with transactional systems. Two, you often have to pull data from a variety of difficult places. And three, you have to change the behavior of the people who perform that process.– DataInformed.com, July 2016

Operational Analytics — Benefits

Savvy marketers anticipate behaviors, engage customers and reward loyalty with compelling offers before check-out. But, that requires ‘invasivedata management, deep-dive data mining and split-second processing. So today’s marketers take advantage of in-database processing and operational analytics.

There will be a shift from post-campaign to real-time, pre-emptive analytics that drive transactions, as opposed to just modifying campaigns. Beyond predictive analytics that tell marketers what might happen, pre-emptive analytics will study outcomes and real-time data, to help strategize on desired outcomes. — CMO Innovation, Nov 2017

With in-database processing, marketers control their analytics, customer engagements and their marketing technology! Analytics run at the source and complete in seconds, not hours. Analytic processes run in parallel with business processes and with reliable and repeatable accuracy. Customer behaviors ‘trigger’ in-database responses to instantly engage customers and reward loyal behaviors.

Operational Analytics — IDP

At IDP, we translate marketing directives into in-database processes and operational analytics. Operational AnalyticsWe collaborate with marketing and technology to engineer the right methodologies and institutionalize the analytics. Marketing analytics run 24/7 and in seconds.

There is usually a fair amount of effort involved in integrating an operational system – sucking out the data, doing the analytics somewhere (the cloud, in-database processing), and embedding the result into an interface for the front-line user.– DataInformed.com, July 2016

IDP solves your complex analytics challenges, while understanding you have limited resources. We remove the requirement that business analysts manage large data volumes or complex data structures. We bridge the gap between data management and analytics. So marketing analysts focus, not on data, but on results.

With operational analytics, some stunning benefits emerge. First, hour-long processes literally reduce to seconds. Next, marketing analytics become completely repeatable with absolute accuracy. Finally, you get instant responses to customer behaviors.

When the supporting data is rock-solid, then analytics become much, much easier!