Marketing AnalyticsIDP delivers data-driven marketing solutions that focus on ‘invasive’ data management and deep-dive data mining.  Our marketing analytics empower marketers to anticipate behaviors, engage customers, reward loyalty, and retain loyal customers longer.

Marketing must ultimately lead its own marketing technology, from high-level strategy down to in-the-trenches code. It’s the only way marketing will succeed as a technology-driven discipline. — Information Week, Oct 2010

We get marketers to take control of their data, their analytics and their marketing technology. And as a result, they run their most strategic marketing analytics in seconds, not hours. And with absolute accuracy.

Marketing Analytics — Challenges

The tempo by which marketers must respond to customers is dizzying. They have to engage customers with relevant offers before check-out and reward loyalty quickly. But increasing data volumes, data complexities and data velocities challenge marketers.

Data and internal platforms are among the biggest challenges. The technologies and platforms that pledged to solve the problems of customer data and customer experience have created confusion and frustration. — Loyalty360, Nov 2015

Retail and media customers generate a wealth of data at a furious pace. But most marketers can’t connect those disparate data silos. Many aren’t sure of the data they have. They don’t believe they have the data they need; and what they have, they question the quality. Or they can’t access.

One of the biggest roadblocks in creating personalized customer experience is the maze created by the various silos that exist within a company. —, Nov 2015

Data gaps, bureaucratic hurdles and technical complexities challenge marketers. Poor system performance and delayed reporting frustrate marketers. They’re frustrated by the man-hours needed to manage data and the skills to query data. When business analysts can’t manage complex data, they create error-filled reports. And marketers fail to get the customer insights they need. So they lose confidence in both the reporting and data.

Marketing Analytics — IDP

Marketing AnalyticsThe most critical part of actionable marketing analytics is accurate, reliable data that is available now. It makes no difference how sophisticated the statistics if data is fragmented or incomplete.

We help marketers take control of their data, their analytics and their marketing technology.

IDP removes the requirement that business analysts manage large data volumes or complex data structures. We bridge the gap between data management and analytics — so analysts focus, not on data prep, but on making recommendations from the statistics. We manage those large data volumes with complex structures and integrate disparate data sources. .

And we collaborate with marketers to generate the right analytics that produce marketable results.

When supporting data is rock-solid, then Marketing Analytics become much, much easier!