Loyalty Marketing AnalyticsIDP delivers data-driven marketing solutions, like loyalty marketing analytics, using ‘invasive’ data management and deep-dive data mining.

Loyalty marketing analytics are not new. They got their roots over 35 years ago, when the airlines and supermarkets began to engage and reward customers. Loyalty marketing analytics empower marketers to anticipate behaviors, engage customers, reward loyalty, and retain loyal customers longer.

Texas International Airlines launched the first ‘air miles’ frequent flyer programme in 1979, and the objectives of such programmes remain largely unchanged. – Travolution, Oct 2015

The objectives today, might be the same as 1979. But tactically, there are no comparisons. Data volumes, data complexities and data velocities have all increased rapidly. Today, customers expect to be engaged with personal and relevant offers. And they’re unforgiving of poorly targeted, one-size fits-all marketing. Consumers expect marketers to know what they want next. And their expectations continue to evolve. What hasn’t changed is that customers do respond to compelling offers. But retention marketing must be creative, engaging and actionable. And the time marketers have to respond continues to shrink.

We do understand one core truth: That customers respond to rewards with increased purchases, deeper share of wallet, and greater lifetime value… – Loyalty360, Oct 2015

At IDP, we deliver loyalty marketing analytics that not only scale, but provide consistent results, empowering marketers to anticipate behaviors, engage customers and reward loyalty. Through ‘invasive’ data management and deep-dive data mining, we build rock-solid analytical data sets. We generate analytics as close to data sources as possible. The closer analytics are to the source, the faster, more accurate and repeatable they are. Loyalty marketing analytics are not rocket science, but are complex and use data from all channels, learning as much as possible about customers. They are at minimum 75% mining data for interactions and at maximum 25% analytics.

Designing a system around your research, historical redemption data, competitive and cross-industry benchmarks will help your organization create a program that drives tangible value. – Loyalty360, Oct 2015

Loyalty Marketing Analytics

Loyalty Marketing Analytics at IDP

At IDP we know that effective use of customer data generates powerful competitive advantages. And that the most critical part of actionable loyalty marketing analytics is accurate, reliable data. We also know that you have limited resources and that your data is challenging. So, we build rock-solid analytical data sets using ‘invasive’ data management and deep-dive data mining. We navigate through large data volumes with complex structures from disparate data sources.

And we always collaborate with marketing to generate the right analytics that anticipate behavior. With IDP, marketers control their marketing technologies!

When the supporting data is rock solid, then loyalty marketing analytics become much, much easier!