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IDP delivers custom data-driven marketing solutions, targeted to specific marketing directives, and focused on the art & science of ‘invasive’ data management and deep-dive data mining.

Data mining is the data prep and exploration process of creating analytical data sets, and in turn, analytics. Data mining is discovering new data relationships, creating new data transformations, and developing the best analytics.

Great analytics depend on generating the right analytical data sets. And that’s 75% of the overall analytics process.

Far too much handcrafted work — what data scientists call ‘data wrangling’, ‘data munging’ and ‘data janitor work’ — is required. Data scientists spend from 50% to 80% of their time mired in this mundane labor of collecting and preparing unruly data. — NYT, Aug 2014

Data Mining — Challenges

It’s not whether companies have enough data; what matters is how they use the data. Data has become a competitive weapon; and marketers rely heavily on their analytic weapons. And yet, marketers fail to get the deep-dive analytics they need. There are many roadblocks: data is fragmented; there’s no linking data across sales channels; lack of data management skills; and data quality is poor. The roadblock isn’t statistics, but the effort needed to get data into analytical data sets that generate analytics.

Data on its own doesn’t solve anything. Unless you know what to ask and how to frame your question, it won’t help you at all. Even many so-called self-service data analysis platforms have failed to help business users access data in the way they want to get the answers they urgently need. — ITProPortal, Nov 2017

Data volumes challenge marketers. Many aren’t sure of the data they have; they don’t believe they have the data they need; and much of what they have, they question the quality, or they can’t access.

The problem doesn’t stop with those who lack technical knowhow. As data streams become more varied and complex, simply organising, cleaning, structuring and preparing that data for analysis can gobble up a data scientist’s time and resources, before you’ve even begun to query it or generate reports. — ITProPortal, Nov 2017

Data complexities challenge business analysts. So they don’t engage in data mining. Most business analysts lack data management skills and aren’t trained in deep-dive analytics. They can’t manage complex data or disparate data sources. So they create error-filled analytics. These errors are most damaging when buried in undocumented desktop code. And searching the analytics for errors is like searching the tip of an iceberg for navigational danger.

In the end, marketers lose confidence in both data and analytics.
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Data Mining — IDP

At IDP, we know that data is a strategic weapon. Yet, your data is challenging and you have limited resources. So we remove the requirement that business analysts manage complex data structures — bridging the gap between data management and analytics. So analysts focus on analytics, not data.

We manage large data volumes with complex structures. We build rock-solid analytical data sets. And always collaborate with marketing to generate the right analytics that produce consistent, marketable results.

IDP empowers marketers to take control of their data, their analytics and their marketing technology.

When the supporting data is rock solid, then data mining becomes much, much easier!