Anticipate Customer NeedsIDP delivers data-driven marketing solutions that focus on ‘invasive’ data management and deep-dive data mining. Our deep-dive analytics empower marketers to anticipate customer needs and engage customers with tailored promotions.

Creating tailored discounts according to customers’ needs is a great way to increase sales. By tailoring discounts to individual customers on products in which they have interest, companies can build trust and increase the bottom line. —, Nov 2015

By anticipating and engaging customers, marketers not only increase transaction counts and market basket value, but also retain loyal customers longer.

Anticipating behaviors and engaging customers over the course of the relationship are strategic priorities for today’s marketers.

Anticipate Customer Needs — Challenges

Consumers are unforgiving of poorly targeted, one-size fits-all marketing. Customers expect marketers to know what they want and when. And yet, marketers fail to get the deep-dive analytics they need. The roadblock isn’t statistics, but the efforts to integrate data into actionable analytical data sets –- data sets used to generate analytics.

A problem marketers run into is that they don’t have the skillset to understand and manage data, along with properly running tools to analyze and gather data. Finally, you have to be able to take this data and make it into a story. With data, you’re able to identify a problem. But, you need to explain how you’re going to resolve that problem. — Forbes, Oct 2015

The challenge for marketers is exploiting their data to effectively segment and engage customers. Both the volume and velocity of new data challenge marketers. Many marketers aren’t even sure of the data they have. They don’t believe they have the data they need. And what they do have, they question the quality — or they can’t access. Add to that, in-house reporting tools, great for reporting, can’t generate the deep-dive analytics data-driven marketing requires.

Furthermore, many business analysts, although wizards at Excel, lack data management skills. They aren’t trained in data mining.  They can’t manage complex data, or disparate data sources. So they create incomplete and error-filled analytics. And marketing executives lose confidence in both the reporting and the supporting data.

Anticipate Customer Needs — IDP

Anticipate Customer NeedsEffective use of customer data is a competitive weapon. And the foundation to successful customer engagement and retention is accurate, reliable data. But, we understand that your data is challenging, and that you have limited resources.

We remove the requirement that business analysts manage complex data. We bridge the gap between data management and analytics. So analysts focus on statistics and not on data.

At IDP, we manage those large data volumes with complex structures. We integrate disparate data sources and build rock-solid analytical data sets, even in the face of difficult data. We transform customer behaviors into actionable insights, and help marketers target engagements and rewards. And we always collaborate with marketing executives to generate methodologies that produce marketable results.

When the supporting data is rock solid, then the analytics to anticipate customer needs become much, much easier!