IDP delivers data-driven marketing solutions focused on the art & science of ‘invasive’ data management and deep-dive data mining. If strategic analytics are the crown, then data management and data mining are the foundations. At least 75% of analytic work effort is focused on building analytical data sets — the data sets that generate analytics. And with rock-solid analytical data sets, custom analytics become much, much easier.

We ‘institutionalize’ analytics with in-database processing and give marketers secure 24/7 access to their most complex analytics. These secure spaces, analytic sandboxes, offer the speed and scalability of the data warehouse at a fraction of the time of traditional analytics — and at no additional cost.

At IDP, we believe marketers should control their marketing data, their marketing analytics, and their marketing technology.

Meet the Pioneer

Thomas Tileston launched his analytics career in 1989 at a boutique, Demographic Research. Later, in 1998, while developing customer loyalty analytics for a California retailer, Smart & Final, he discovered the power and speed of in-database processing.Thomas Tileston Working with professional services from SAS and Teradata, and using an ODBC connection, Thomas migrated his loyalty analytics from a desktop into the data warehouse.  As a result, time spent dropped from 25 minutes to an amazing 45 seconds and in-database was born!   Thomas continued to apply in-database processing for data mining and analytics in Retail, Media and Entertainment. In 2003, Thomas perfected in-database with a motion picture DVD forecast while at Warner Bros — a weekly forecast of consumer demand for 300 separate motion picture titles.  By migrating 90% of the workload away from a workstation and into the data warehouse, the process went from 36 hours to 75 minutes.  (Read the whole story here: Business Intelligence – Taking the Sting out of Forecasting)

As the pioneer of in-database processing, no one boasts more experience or exhibits greater passion in this essential, growing practice.

Thomas, a global keynote speaker since 2005, evangelized in-database processing at professional conferences worldwide including:  SAS Users Group International (SUGI), SAS Global Forum, Teradata Partners, Teradata Universe (Madrid, Tokyo, Seoul, & Sydney), SAS F2006 Business Forecasting, The Data Warehousing Institute, International Institute of Business Forecasting and National Center for Database Marketing.

Over the following years, as Vice President of Business Decision Support at Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Thomas continued to generate powerful in-database processes for master data management, data quality management and, of course, ad hoc analytics – all in a fraction of the time of traditional processes. Today, as a former member of the SAS/Teradata Product Advisory Council and a former SAS Alliance Ambassador Partner, Thomas continues to perfect the use of In-database processing for data management, data mining and deep-dive analytics.